Bernice Paua's Vision Of Pursuing Education

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SPU’s vision of pursuing education passed just a degree is something I truly believe in. The vision aligns with the vision my high school. At Kamehameha we are taught to be good and industrious men and women, as wanted by our founder, Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Pauahi has become a role model due to her contributions to my education as a Hawaiian. Thanks to her want for better Hawaiian education and the want for her people to thrive, she created Kamehameha schools. Her legacy continues today, and so does my respect for her. The vision of Kamehameha schools to be good and industrious has followed me in my life. “Good” doesn’t mean just nice it means to do what is right, and industrious means to be diligent and hardworking. To be good and industrious…show more content…
I agree that I want to make a change; all I have ever wanted to do was make a change. I may not be the most decisive when choosing a degree, but my basis will stay the same, to make some sort of change big or small. College is a way for me to try things out and to find what I am talented at and enjoy. Applying to a university like SPU is a risk. I have never lived or been away from Hawaii for more than two weeks. If I just wanted a degree then I could stay in Hawaii and go to a local community college for a cheaper price. The reason I take the risk is because I wish to experience and changes and become good and industrious. Just this past summer I went on a trip to Beijing for a cultural exchange in a school program. It was definitely one of the best experiences and risks I took so far. I got to meet others and learn a culture first hand. Did I get some school credit or a world peace award? Of course not, but I came back with stories to tell and an open mind. I could have thought only about it being chances for me to write an interesting college essay. To close my mind would have hindered me from the change and inspiration from the trip. I probably didn’t change the world, but the seeing more of the world has changed me. I hope that I can continue to learn from unexpected experiences as well as my education, and I believe SPU might be the place. To be good and industrious in anything I do;
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