Bernice Yingst's Influence On My Life

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Bernice Yingst, an independent woman whose wonderful, stunning personality, irreplaceable looks, and fascinating multiple hobbies make her the extraordinary person that she is to me. Bernice, the crazy neighbor lady, is someone who has always been there for me. She has impacted my life in numerous ways, and I could never make clear all that she has taught me, assisted me with or all the support she has given to me. Bernice and I, we are both too forgiving and caring. Sometimes I can see her getting taken advantage of a little too much. Bernice has never let that come in her way of wanting to help others nor has that stopped her. Without Mrs. B, I am unsure of how I would act or what I would be capable of doing, and I would be unfamiliar with…show more content…
B. She and I enjoy making quilts together, especially since her new quilting equipment will do all the hard work for us. We both get excited working next to each other on just two of the many sewing machines she has. An experience that truly makes me feel blessed for having Mrs. B in my life is her willingness to give. We sort through the various quilts that are completed, and then we donate a few quilts to those in need. We enjoy piecing the multiple materials together and sharing stories Bernice has of when she and her mother made handmade quilts. Sometimes when we need a break to get some fresh air, we head outdoors. While taking our break, I always catch myself asking her why she collects such an enormous amount of bowling balls for her yard. She gives a different answer every time, from letting the grandchildren count them to the use of yard decorations. Even her great grandchildren have lost count around 500 bowling balls. As we admire the unique bowling balls we usually end in up the garden Mrs. B has planted, however; it did not do so well last year. We spent more time pulling weeds out of the garden than actual edible items, such as; tomatoes, squash, zucchini, green beans, cabbage and corn. Afterwards. Mrs. B spends time with me explaining new recipes to try. I really have missed the quality gardening time and the stories she loves to share about gardening or…show more content…
With every visit I get with her, I continue to learn new things. I thank her every time I get to see her. She has motivated me to be outspoken and to be opinionated. During most visits Mrs. B lets me know how proud she is of me. That I too am an independent lady and to never let anyone tell me that I cannot do something on my own. She has taught me traits that I can carry on to my future children, such as the quilting. Also, that gardening can be hard work, but it is worth the reward in the end. Having odd hobbies like collecting bowling balls all over her yard isn’t such a bad thing. Most I importantly Bernice has helped me realize that I can be my own individual person. Mrs. B always says, “If you can’t be you, who can you
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