Bernie Madoff Case Summary

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Bernie Madoff has been accused of violation of title 17 cob of federal regulations Section 240. 10B - 5. Madoff was accused of defendant, unwillfully, willfully and knowingly, by the use of mean and instrumentalities, in connection an entry interstate commerce with the purchase and selling of securities, would and could use and employ manipulative and deceptive devices. Bernie Madoff mislead misrepresented himself to invest in businesses to take part of his and engaged and his illegal Enterprise for profit no true return on investment.

Summary of Facts
Does Bernie Madoff offenses 52 counts under the ECC Warren a plea or a trial.
When and if mr. Madoff has a trial would it be in his best interest to take a bench trial or a jury trial Applicable Law In the case of United
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It wasBernie Madoff also Pled guilty to wire fraud mail fraud Filing documents with the SEC and theft from employees and benefit funds. Bernie Madoff also was charged with and pled guilty to Money laundry 11 counts. The Madoff case Sites Station in United States v. Evan 325 F.3d 65, Or in this case the guidelines the calculation called to life imprisonment but not Counted carried a life sentence in the Court held the guidelines regulated is 240 years the maximum sentence for all the accounts added it together. According to the case Who are the guidelines regulations not life imprisonment but a hundred and fifty years maximum sentence for each Of the 11 counts added
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