Bernie Madoff Short Story

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Some people do not understand that the collection is revolution by the wrong means do not always end in a way is good, and the ultimate price at the end of the day it will be much bigger than we think. This is the story about Bernie Madoff. He was born in New York of Jewish family and has a boy and a girl. He graduated in 1960, majoring in political science. Bernard Madoff: Who is he? Greater financial genius or a crook in our time.
When Bernard Madoff was taught in college with a great reputation and his father went bankrupt and so it was an empty pockets Jewish young man when I intend to break into Wall Street as he did not enjoy the support of influential relatives unlike other college graduates. And he founded his first company Madoff Investment security $ 5 thousand dollars collected while he was working in the rescue teams at the beaches or collecting finished spray gardens. With the passage of time Madoff small company that was selling stocks and bonds to one of America's most
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The show then that is not the money at Madoff. And it had a big scandal echoes not only because depositors had lost $ 17 billion of their money in addition to the 65 billion dollars of profits that were promised but also to the fact that this financial pyramid set up by one of the flags of the financial world The Legend of fraud, the owner of the biggest monument in history, he Bernard Madoff. I have been detained Bernard Madoff on December 11 of the year 2008 AD, where his son submit a communication against his father, accusing him of embezzlement and fraud, where the monument more than $ 50 billion, it is considered as the largest investment monument has at the hands of one person, and because of Bernard Madoff has many banks advertising for the loss of more than one billion countries because of him, and this Spanish banks and the Swiss, French and Italian
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