Bernie Madoff's Role In The Judicial System

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I do not think that the justice system if functioning as intended. It is broken, and unreliable. The play Euripides says, “Ours is a universe in which justice is accidental, and innocence no protection.” Our judicial system fits this description, but it was never meant to be like that, and it doesn’t HAVE to be like that. No, I do not have a degree in anything to do with the justice system, and because of that, some of you may say that I am just a naïve person, which I am. But I am not just following muddy footprints on a priceless Persian rug lying on a rich man’s floor here, this is what I actually have observed and is my personal opinion. As with every system that is started and run by humans, the judicial system is dominated by so many …show more content…

If they know what to do and how to do it, then those people can go under the radar for a while. Take Bernie Madoff for example. He knew how to play the system and got off with peoples’ money for a few decades. Madoff was well-known and played active roles in the financial industry. Aside from playing his role so well, Madoff tended to be very careful in what he did, and the police had no idea what was going on, and people trusted him. Another reason I think that the justice system if broken is because criminals are able to escape from custody. Not pointing fingers or anything, but sometimes it seems that the criminals are smarter than we give them credit for. Take Ted Bundy. He escaped not once but twice, from the hands of justice officials. And the last time turned out to be fateful for three innocent girls. And this is not the only person who has escaped. With all these “high security” prisons, you would think that the people wouldn’t escape, but they do. All of these reasons explain why I think the justice system is corrupt. Humans are unreliable in many things, and the justice system just seems to prove it. I do not see humanity changing very much on this regard for quite some time now. But there are things that we can do to help make our justice system better and make up for the shortcomings of us

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