Bernie Sanders And Rand Paul: A Comparative Analysis

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As the primary elections are drawing nearer, the potential presidential candidates are readying themselves for one of the most dividing and unifying times that this nation experiences. There is a pool of candidates on both sides who are vying for their spot, but the Republican candidates have greater numbers. Whether that’s a significant advantage or not is to be seen. The two presidential candidates that I am going to discuss are Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul, and while they do not exactly share the same stance on the big issues, they are not as polarized as one would think a Republican and a Democrat would be. The polarization between some candidates is so pronounced that there is no doubt who would vote for them in the election; the devout Republican would vote for the Republican candidate and the devout Democrat would vote for the Democratic candidate. When it comes to the issues that have the most attention and the most contrasting stances and opinions surrounding them, Senator Bernie Sanders does not mince words when speaking about what he stands for or stands against. Women’s rights, …show more content…

Each and every candidate possesses their own respective proposal for how to tackle the subject of immigration. Bernie Sanders, for instance, intends to provide immigrants an opportunity for citizenship that is within their reach instead of withholding that opportunity and choosing to deport them. “Sanders generally agrees with President Obama that most of the undocumented immigrants in the country now should be given a path to citizenship” (Desjardins). It seems that the majority of the Republican party means to deal with the immigration issue by deporting mass numbers of undocumented citizens. For example, in Donald Trump’s case, even the children who were born here need to be deported as

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