Bernie Sanders Immigration Case Study

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has a plan to help out immigrants with a reform on immigration. Sanders has so much experience and knowledge in politics that it will not be a problem in executing a reasonable reform. Sanders wants to do more than former president Barack Obama. Sanders plan is not to expand borders, but to secure them. Also to put the Dream act into law to help give young immigrants a chance at permanent residency and eventual citizenship. That 's only the beginning of his efforts to help he, also wants to bring 11 million immigrants out of the shadows with his reform. Sanders has pushed his views and has come to the top for instance, as chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Sanders in 2014 passed legislation…show more content…
The group that will mainly support Sanders and his position on immigration would be Mexicans/Hispanics. The population of Mexican/Hispanics is growing in vast majority and who are in need of a reform. Hispanics are truly desperate for a reform on immigration and Sanders will help get the job done. Since Obama was not able to do much Sanders has a strong view of what he wants and plans to do. The group that would be against Sanders stance would be anti-immigrant people. An anti-immigrant person believes that immigrants should not be in the United States and should be deported. Bernie has many supporters and also has some people that do not have the same ideologies as him. Bernie should emphasize his position on immigration which will help him get elected. Sanders argument on a reform on immigration is great. It stands out and is strong no changes are needed to make his argument better. His position is unique and different from the previous president. The democratic party is definitely going to support him, since that is the main issue that the party wants to change. Democrats want to solve the controversial problem of immigrants that 's the priority. The voters will certainly be enthusiastic for Bernie 's reform due to fact he is a passionate and a strong
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