Bernie Sanders On Minimum Wage Essay

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Bernie Sanders wants to raise minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour and minimize the requirement for welfare. He wants healthcare and education to be free. He is also for the legalization of marijuana. Sanders has a strong bottom line that mainly consist of passing the “popular” laws. Bernie Sanders has a “paper theory.” Which means, it works in theory, on paper, but cannot actually be applied.

With the help of bias news stations and social media, the upcoming presidential election has been causing a mighty uproar across the nation. Although the of the candidates have strong yet different opinions, if Bernie Sanders becomes president and upholds only a fraction of his promises, the country would be worse off than it is now.

Raising minimum
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Employers of part-time employees are not required to provide insurance. If healthcare becomes free than there would be a huge tax increase. As of now tax payers are already being taxed for Medicare whether they have insurance or not. So imagine the tax increase if healthcare was free for everyone, not just the ones that qualify.

Education today is not cheap and free education won’t be either. Just because education is free doesn’t mean that there will be a higher graduation rate. Students will still drop out because they didn’t meet the education requirements or they decided to party harder than they studied. Another downside to free education is that federal or state will have more control over what will and won’t be allowed in schools. Someone has to pay for it and it will be us.

Legalizing marijuana isn’t as great as it may seem, for some people. One thing that is required to get a good job is a drug test. If marijuana is legal then there is a good chance that the unemployment rate will increase. Whether it is legal or not, it is still drug that can inhibit the performance of the employee. Companies are not going to endanger the other workers and their customers because someone wants to be able to get high, legally, before or during
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