Bernie Sanders Persuasive Speech

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Bernie Sanders In 2016 the United States of America will elect a new president. As the president of the United States the candidate must be able to prove he or she is good for the job. Bernie Sanders a democratic candidate for the USA is the qualified for this job. Bernie Sanders an advocate for racial equality wants to help middle class Americans with minimum wage; Bernie sander believes in war and peace. Bernie wants to make minimum wage more suitable for the cost of living. Bernie wants to take key action in fixing this world wide issue. Bernie wants to invest $1 trillion over five years to modernize our countries physical in fracture, creating and manufacturing 13 million good paying jobs. Bernie wants to stop NAFTA, CAFTA, PMN trade relations (PNTR) with china and other free trade agreements these deals kill American jobs by shifting work overseas to nations which fail to pay workers good compensation. Bernie Sanders is an outstanding 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate.…show more content…
Michael Brown, Reika Boyd, Eric Gardner, Scott Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice. Samuel Dubose we know each of their names, each of them died unarmed in the hands of police custody.”- Bernie Sanders. Bernie wants the American people to know he hears there screams, there chants. African American people are twice as likely to get arrested and almost four times as likely that police will use excessive force to apprehend them. Bernie wants to demilitarize the police so they don’t look and act like invading armies. Bernie thinks we need police officers that reflect the diversities of our community. Bernie wants to federally fund and require body cameras for law enforcement officers to make it easier to hold them accountable. Bernie sander strongly believes in racial
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