Bernie Sanders Rhetorical Analysis

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Humans always seek to convince each other that their opinions are in fact superior to other conflicting ideas, and none have mastered this art better than those who seek to run for various political offices within the United States. Through a variety of persuasive techniques, the ultimate goal is to gain the utmost respect and trust of those that they seek to gain support from. As we find ourselves in the midst of an election year, our intellect is flooded with speeches and new ideas as it pertains to modern issues. Bernie Sanders is no different and uses similar technique in order to convey his own political ideologies by convincing us of his knowledge of wealth disruption through statistics, passion for this country through emotion driven…show more content…
It 's not everyday that your opposing candidate actually congratulates you upon their defeat, but this wasn 't the case with Sanders. In fact, this statement concludes that Hilary Clinton did so despite the obvious tension between them, "Secretary Clinton called and was very gracious in her congratulations. I thank her for her call, and I congratulate her and her supporters for the vigorous campaign that they ran in New Hampshire" (Washington Post, 2016). What this shows is that his opposition respects him for the man he is and acknowledges his somewhat effective strategy. Not only that, but in the latter part of his statement he gives his earnest admiration for the effort put forth by the other candidate 's support team. This allows him to gain a more sensible and humanistic vibe about him which allows for a more realistically defined amount of moral fiber. People therefore view him as a more relatable political figure and are more likely to trust him more not because he offers more in terms of policy, but because he offers more in terms of his unique temperament compared to most candidates. He also tends to take a rather firm stand as it pertains to environmental issues due to his position he occupies on an climate change committee. As he states here, "And, Let me say that as a member of the energy committee in the Senate, and the environmental committee, the debate is over. Climate change is real. It is caused by human activity, and it is already causing devastating problems in this country and around the world," his present knowledge on the subject seems to be rather substantiated due to the source he receives it from (Washington Post, 2016). Therefore, what he states on this issue should be rather believable due to scientific backing as well as his past involvement. Presenting this position he holds allows him to truly be expertly informed when it comes to one subject, so therefore many would assume he is relatively educated when it comes to other
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