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The story of Bernhardt “Bernie” Tiede is well known for its realistic and entertaining motion picture. This adaptation depicts the impression of a warm, caring man who the community wouldn’t believe partook in the murder of an elderly woman. It is not the question if Bernie committed the act, rather than “did he plan it?” I believe this crime was not premeditated, but was done in the “heat of the moment”. Firstly, there are some people that are certain the murder was premeditated. And there are some theories that make this plausible, but the movie does not sway one way or the other. One of the first arguments made is “why was the gun in the garage? It was planted.” Before Bernie shoots Ms. Nugent, there is a small scene in the backyard of…show more content…
And there are plenty, if not more, arguments of why Bernie did not plan this murder out. One being that the shooting happened in such an odd place: the garage, while the door was open. There was actually one comment made by a townsperson that Bernie could have killed Ms. Nugent almost anywhere else and gotten away with it. He then suggested tossing Ms. Nugent out into the sea while in one of her planes. So why kill her there and risk getting caught on the spot if it was not a last minute decision? Next, after killing Ms. Nugent, he stashes her body in what will be a searched area if he were to be caught. Bernie had weeks and many dark nights to move the body before people started asking questions, but he did not. This proves his remorse, and it’s almost as if he wanted to be caught. Lastly, Bernie had a little over nine months to develop an ultimate cover story, but he chose not to. Any premeditated murderer would not have spent that much time creating a plot to kill without thinking and executing a “get away” plan. Finally, the movie is not bias and does not make the decision. But in my opinion, Bernie did not mean to kill Ms. Nugent. He was simply overwhelmed and lost control. And I honestly feel that Ms. Nugent brought it on herself. One of the most insightful scenes in the movie is when Bernie is trying to leave and she closes the gate. I think this perfectly describes their relationship. He was trapped, and killing her seemed to be the only way out. So yes, Bernie killed her, but he did not plan

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