Bert Stoddard Dickson's A Son By Any Other Name

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A Son by Any Other Name

When Bert Stoddard Dickson was born on May 2, 1892, he was the 7th child of Albert and Harriet Dickson. Albert was turning 52 that year and had fathered 16 children. Three more sons would follow.

Bert’s older brothers and sisters wanted to name their new baby brother Claude. His grandmother Mary Ann Stoddard Dickson didn’t want her new grandson being named after a clod of dirt or worse a clod of dung.

An old story goes that on the day of Bert’s blessing, Albert took his baby son to the front of the chapel and gave him a blessing and bestowed upon him the name of Claude. Mary Ann was not to happy and insisted her new grandson be named Bert. Albert acquiesced to his mother’s wishes and Mary Ann’s maiden name was used
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