Bertram's Identity

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After 20 years of living in England, Bertram Francis returns the island of his birth. During this time, family and friends both denied his presence and would not accept him back since he never keep in touch with his family or friends. His people start to realize that Bertram has been corrupted with the England lifestyle therefore, they start to see him as an England man who is coming here to take their opportunities. Although, Bertram may not come just to benefit from the political aspect of it, the native people see him as someone who come during the independence period trying to enjoy the freedom. The way his own people treats him as an England man shows how England as a whole has not done a bit good to this islanders. Colonization has made…show more content…
When Bertram first meet with Jackson who is very successful now and never leave his home land, “Jackson continue to look at Bertram, the tumblers of his mind turning and trying to unlock the secret of this man’s identity” (Phillips 65). This quote shows an important point because even his old friend has trouble time identifying Bertram. Furthermore, the fact that Bertram was gone for so long, it is hard for him to get help from his for a land that he does not know much anymore. When Bertram came to Jackson looking for business opportunities, Jackson asked him, “Which is the closest major city to here?” (112). This was a test to see if this Bertram remembered anything about this island. Sadly, Bertram could not answer the simplest question. When Jackson realized that this man has lost his identity, he said, “Well, what you must realize is that we living State-side now. We living under the eagle and maybe you don’t think that is good but your England never do us a damn thing except take, take, take” (112). Although Bertram may not be the reason why the England drain resources from the island, that fact that he lived there and have access to more resources made his own people think he is part of the of the reason because he had receive a scholarship to go study there. Therefore, England may continue to take from the island because the small
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