Bertrand Russell: Curiosity, Courage, Sensitiveness And Intelligence

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Bertrand Russell was born at Trelleck, Wales on May 18, 1872. He was at the same time, a philosopher, mathematician a historian and a literary figure. Russell also wrote many books on different subjects. His book, which become world famous is “Principia Mathematica.” Besides this, he also wrote books on education and history. He also won the Nobel Prize in 1950. Russell also agrees that aim of education should be produce good men and good society. Character formation envisages power functioning of four essential elements or qualities. These are : Vitality, Courage, Sensitiveness and Intelligence. The first six years of life are very important regarding the child’s future development. For acquisition of knowledge the intellectual abilities are necessary in him ----- Curiosity, Open- mindedness, Faith in acquisition of knowledge, Perseverance, Concentration of attention, Patience and Exactness. The curriculum for boys and girls within 14 years of should consist of all those thinks which everyone must learn. Education should be provided to interests of…show more content…
Both parents died before he was four years old and he was brought up by his grandmother, countessa Russell. Russell was publicly and courageously committed himself on controversial issues, more than once this has meant going to prison. Russell was tutored at home until he was eighteen. Then he entered Cambridge. Until this time his life had been rather solitary, but now a new world opened. Russell has expressed vividly on many aspects of our culture – education, history, politics, manners, morals, war and peace. A practical list of his writings includes so many books on Philosophy, Science, Mathematics, Education, Logic. His book, which became world famous is “Principal Mathematica.” He won the noble prize for literature in 1950. He died in year 1970, after contributing a lot of the service of

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