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Goal: Best Bikini Trimmer 1 Total word count in this document: 2915 Title: Best Bikini Trimmers & Shavers – Guide & Reviews The best part about summer the weather, and also finally being able to get back in the pool! The worst part about summer, especially for women — having to shave all the time. Personal grooming is one subject that many of us dread in the summer. But, there is a wide variety of products that can make our lives so much easier when it comes to shaving and overall personal grooming. So, don't worry, this summer you'll be able to experience stress-free personal grooming. We've outlined some of the very best shavers for you! The newest products that are out there attempt to offer variety in grooming possibilities, which…show more content…
Most shavers provide for 10 or more hours of in-use time. ● Different Attachments: Many top-rated bikini shavers come with a few different attachment heads to provide variability. Tghre are some of the different options that are frequently offered. Shavers may come with any or all of these options: ● Rotary: Rotary shavers use spinning, circular blades to catch hairs in openings in the heads. The circular motion makes it easier to move around difficult areas. These shavers are best for those who do not shave as often, as they are more effective on longer hairs. ● Foil: Shavers that use foil have a thin layer of metal covering the long, straight blade. They are also good for sensitive skin. Foil captures hair in slots that offer a closer shave than rotary blades. They are especially good for those who shave every day. ● Number of blades: The more blades on any given razor head, the closer, faster, and more effective your shave will be. Depending on how close you want to shave, consider the different numbers of blades on different…show more content…
It's a little more expensive than other trimmers, but so worth it. You will get a quality, close shave that you just can't beat with other similar products. It's also great that you can use this while showering, because that's not always an option when it comes to hair trimmers. 3. BlueTop Women Rechargeable Electric Professional 3 in 1 Hair Remover Epilator Shaver Trimmer This great product is a device that has everything you could want in one. It is a callous remover, a shaver, and a epilator--an ideal beauty care tool for women of any age. The callous remover will easily and gently roll the dry skin from your feet away with its great micro mineral system. You can buff, smooth, and massage your feet with the roller head and get salon results. The epilator feature is great because it will remove even the shortest, finest hairs from your skin. Even from hard to reach areas like knees and ankles, underarms, and the bikini line. This product is mainly a shaver, which is also a great feature. Its quick and easy shaving system is integrated with 2 hair trimmers to ensure a clean shave anywhere. Aside from using this on your bikini line, you can also use it on your upper lip or chin--anywhere on your face

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