Best Form Of Government Essay

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What is the best form of government and why?
There are different forms of government which have been examined throughout many years by great political ideologies. However, having explored all forms of government like monarchy, aristocracy, dictatorship and so on in numerous different states which have had their own varies impact on a society as whole, I personally believe that democracy is the distinguished form of government so far, which is acceptable by majority across the globe.
Democracy is divided in two types which are direct and indirect. Though both vote in referendums. However, the direct or pure democracy mostly practiced in small and less populated countries and the second type is representatives or indirect democracy which is appropriate to be practiced in huge and populated countries. In this type of democracy, people opt delegates to create the laws of government on their behalf .Sometimes; it can be influenced by other factors so the government can take the right decision as they think is appropriate. However, I strongly support direct democracy for its prominent qualities which is far better than representative democracy.
Why is direct democracy a great form of government?
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They contribute to defend from people’s right if something wrong is taking place against them. This form of government gives individual the basic right of living. For instance, right for education, speech, expressing idea and opinion which all help a country to grow and bring the better quality of government for its citizens. It conducts fair and free elections, protecting human rights, applying law on them equally and they enjoy from the freedom and feel the responsibility towards
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