Best Friends Animal Society Essay

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The Best Friends Animal Society is an organization that has made a huge impact in the fight against killing in the Americas animal shelters, as well as helping animals find a home and giving them food, water and shelter. They also help by stopping homeless animals around the US all around the nation. The founders are Georgy Castle who is the president of the Best Friends Animal Society in January 10 till now. Gregory created No More Homeless Pets in Utah, a campaign involving animal welfare and rescue organizations, animal control officers, veterinarians, schools and animal lovers from across the state in aggressive spay/neuter, adoption and public awareness programs. Gregory grew up in England and is a graduate of Cambridge University with…show more content…
Best Friends help the animals in need who need a shelter and food. As well as helping them find a home by hosting a adoption event. They made this society to reduce the numbers of animals getting killed in The Pounds and also to help homeless pets around the U.S and give them the care and love the need. Best Friends helped animals that are sick or have cancer like Skully a dog with skin cancer. Skully was only three years old when he came to the Sanctuary back in August, he was already facing enough medical challenges to last a lifetime. In fact, he’d lost his home because his former person didn’t have the resources for the medical treatment he needed. He had hair loss which caused his white fur to be thin and patchy. His skin was red, irritated and covered in scabs. Best Friends vets found dog skin cancer in two separate places on his body first on his underside and then on his ear. He had to get surgery on his ear which meant they had to remove his ear, good news was that he can still hear and the surgery went well after the surgery his tender skin not only had to heal, but he also had to be extremely careful about sun exposure. Today, Skully has fully recovered from his surgeries and is cancer-free. Now that he’s feeling better, life is even happier for him, with his days filled with walks,
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