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India- an Art Hippie's paradise (Best places in India to visit, as an art hippie) Do you love to travel? Are you an ardent admirer of artistic creations? If yes, in that case India in the right place for you. If you want to visit artistic places or want to break your daily monotonous routine, then India is where you should be. India is often known as artist’s paradise. That’s because India is a very old country which is not only vast in nature but only has diversity both geographically and ethnically. India has been the abode to people of various cultures having specific artistic styles and India still have numerous historical places which bears the testimony of the artistic excellence of our forefathers. These places are tourist magnet and famous not only in India but also internationally. Every year several international tourists visit these places to see the amazing arts and quench the thirst of their eyes. Let’s discuss about top destination in India that every artists should visit. 1)…show more content…
They are famous for their impressive and artistic temples. Astonishingly Bhubaneswar itself has more than 700 large and small temples. Among them Mukteshwar temple built during 10th century is well known for its exquisite archway. Among the sea side temples Jagannath temple of Puri is famous throughout the world. During Rathayatra Utsav ( festival) Jagannath temple and puri is worth visiting, if you are planning to visit during Rathayatra don’t forget to book hotel in advance as all hotels remain full during rathyatra festival. The most intricately carved o temples in Orissa is the Sun Temple at Konark which is 35 km from Puri. Shaped like a huge chariot which depicts to be the convince of Sun God, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is largely in ruins because of change in climate but what remains is still enough to show the artistic genius of our

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