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Travelling is one of the most adventurous and thrilling activity, it refreshes the brain and as well as you can explore different places and things. Travelling allows you to learn about new cultures, get new experiences, face different situations and interaction with almost every type of people.
Millions of flights take off every day and you can get to your dream place in no time. But the major concern while travelling to new places is your safety. While picking the next spot where you want to go to spend your vacations, you don't want to worry about your safety by selecting a country with low-risk threats. In this Tapedaily article, you will get to know about the safest places to travel to for western tourists.
Iceland recently has become the highly desired country to travel to. Iceland is a Nordic island country of Europe. Iceland is a very beautiful country with some tremendous views and sightseeing.
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You are advised to keep warm clothes with you due to its extreme weather conditions. Iceland has attracted many nature-loving and fun loving people to get close to the natural beauty.
Try to explore Iceland with their professionals and make sure when you plan a trip, do book your hotels on time.
Switzerland is one of the most famous and popular countries. It is also known as the neutral country as it avoided all the conflicts. It is located in the center of Europe having borders with France, Italy, Germany, and Austria. Similar to the island we've talked about above, Switzerland is famous for its landscape beauty and the lush greenery throughout.
Switzerland holds some of the world's best ski resorts and it is also famous for its dairy products with which they make cheese, yogurt, and the famous Fondue. It is also a risk-free country having minimum threats. Some amazing must visit places in Switzerland are listed below.
Mount Titlis
Swiss Alpes

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