Best Places To Visit Delhi Essay

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Best places to Visit in Delhi
About Delhi
Delhi is the capital of India. According to history Delhi had served as national capital of various kingdoms. It was central place of political, cultural and commercial activity. During the Mughal period also Delhi was the capital region. Delhi is the largest commercial centre in Northern India. It is highly populated.
Climate of Delhi
Delhi has sub tropical humid climate. It has extreme climate. During the summers it is scorching heat and in winters it is quiet chilling. The ideal time to visit Delhi will be October to March.
In Delhi you can find people of all religion and culture. It has become the largest centre of small scale industries.
Delhi is reachable by air, road and rail. For local transport metro railways, auto, rickshaw, bus and taxi are available.
Places to visit
Delhi has
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It is has two kilometers stretched wall. It is built with red stones and marbles. Tourists can go for sound and light show which is available there to give knowledge of Mughal history.
 Qutub Minar-It is the oldest historical monument. It has beautiful Indo –Islamic architecture. Qutub Minar is the tallest brick minaret in Delhi near about of 73 meters.
 Humayun’s Tomb-This building resemble Taj Mahal. This monument houses the expired body of the second Mughal ruler Humayun. One must go for the awesome sight seeing present there. The marble work and the architectural design will keep eyes open.
 India Gate- It an all India war memorial. It is built in the memory of Indian Soldiers who lost their life fighting in World War I. It has peaceful ambience with green lawns all around. It looks very beautiful during evening when it is lighted up.
 Jama Masjid- Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India built during Mughal Period. It has beautiful architectural work. It has a huge

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