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Best Places to Visit in Goa Introduction The most popular beach destination in India is Goa. It is specially known for its golden white sand beaches. It is also known to be the best place for partying. Goa is geographically divided into two parts like North Goa and South Goa. The Goa is full of cliffs and forests with water kissing shores. Goa beaches are one of its kind in India. This beaches are very neat and clean and they are very popular with the western tourists. Besides beaches there are various worthy places which is to be sure visited. Let’s have a look at it: 1. Baga Beach In beaches list of Goa, Baga comes first. It is the most happening beach of Goa. The beach itself and the area around the beaches are always crowded with tourists.…show more content…
Tito’s is always crowded among the tourists and it is the most attracting club in goa. It is providing the best service and is located at very prime place in goa. It is located on the baga beach which is also the most partied beach in goa. So after sunset you will find a huge crowd of tourist at Tito’s The drinks and food are slightly overpriced as compared to other clubs in goa. This club is divided into two part, upper and lower deck There is dance floor at the lower level in the club where the couples and groups of friends can enjoy while in the upper level sitting arrangement is created where you can simply have your drink and food and enjoy the activities happening at the lower level of club Famous DJ’s are always participating in the clubs The entry in the club is happen by the vouchers which is starting from 1000 rs. They have the best security which is very important for maintaining safe environment in the club Tito’s street are available at your service in all the seasons of the year. It is not a bit affected whether it is a tourist season or a off season. In this club you will always find the fresh cocktails which is very famous among locals too It is no doubt to be best place for value to your money and

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