Beta Carotene Research Paper

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3. Identification of Beta carotenes. Focus of this review is the identification of beta carotenes in the infrared spectrum region. In terms of metabolism and potential effects on health, beta carotene is one of the examples of most studied carotenoids. Thus the basic structure of beta carotene is made up of isoprene units. These isoprene units are joined end-to-end to give a conjugated chain which is common to all carotenoids. It is cyclised at each end which will looks like in the Figure 7. The long conjugated chain of beta carotene is responsible for the orange colour of beta carotene. Figure 7: Beta carotenes. ( Source: Oliver & Palou, 2000). In order to identify carotenoids in fruits and vegetables, few methods have been used.…show more content…
This method shows the identification of beta carotenes within the spectrum of carotenoid. There are several foods that contain beta-carotene such as carrots, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables. Beta-carotene has found most in the foods compared to other example of carotenoids and this makes beta-carotene the most common carotene. Undeniably, everything in this world are gift from Allah. Everything that Allah created has its purposes and benefits to all mankind. Same goes to beta-carotene that existed in fruits and vegetables. Beta-carotene has its own benefits to us. Beta-carotene is very rich in vitamin A which is very important to us. Beta-carotene that can be converted by the body into retinol is referred to as pro-vitamin A carotenoids. Besides, beta-carotene can also help prevent blindness and other eye problems. It is also very good in the formation of bone and teeth. Moreover, it is also acts as antioxidant and protector of the cells while slowing the aging process. In conclusion, it can be said that beta-carotene has lots of benefits to the mankind. The identification of beta-carotene in natural compounds can contributes to improve the natural compounds medical

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