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Did you know that more sharks are killed yearly by people than shark attacks to humans? Well Bethany Hamilton was very lucky and unlucky at the same time. She was also very inspiring to a lot of people because of what happened to her. She was attacked by a shark and lost her arm which is very unlucky, but she’s also very lucky she left the beach alive. Bethan Hamilton showed great resilience in overcoming a shark attack in order to achieve her surfing dream.
Bethany was very positive the whole time she was in and out of the hospital. She tried harder and put effort into her struggles. She stayed strong and acted like her surfing career has just started. She never changed when she lost her arm it was just an excuse to do more. Therefore she told her parents not sorrow and worry about her arm because it doesn’t change who she is and how she acts.
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She never gave up and that’s within a month. Although she was already athletic, she became better at surfing after the attack. She became so good even with one arm that she became a pro surfer and won many awards.
Bethany also has a lot of courage. She acted like she didn’t need an arm to live her life. She met all her life goals and more with only one arm. She is also very inspiring and thoughtful. Therefore she went back into the water and became a pro surfer.
Bethany Hamilton inspired people and went the extra mile in life. She tried harder than most people would in life. Although she did amazing things that that some people can’t do with two arms she did with one, she did with one arm. People don’t even understand how amazing she is. We can all learn that no matter what happens to you: you shouldn’t give up and you should only try harder in

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