Bethany Hamilton Character Analysis Essay

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The characters in these stories have faced hardships and have beaten those hardships back because they never gave up. Bethany Hamilton lost her arm because of a shark attack. She faced her fears and went back to surfing. Eleanor Roosevelt was unattractive child but she faced those pains, and turned her pain and unhappiness into strength. The mushers in Alaska, along with their dogs, had to face white-outs and ice-covered rivers. The mushers prevailed, along with their dogs and made it to Nome just in time. ‘’I was just thankful she was alive,’’ Said Bethany Hamilton’s mom. Before Bethany Hamilton was bitten by the Tiger Shark, she was an extremely good surfer. When Bethany Hamilton was bitten by the Tiger Shark it ripped off her arm. She recovered however, and is now a very good surfer…show more content…
Nome was a small town on the Alaskan coast. In 1925, however, when most of Nome’s population started getting sick and dying, the government called some mushers together to get the medicine to Nome. Their journey was very hard. There were blizzards, ice-covered rivers, and white-outs. However, through it all, the mushers carried the medicine to Nome, and saved the people. ‘’When you reach the end of the line, tie a knot and hold on,’’ stated Eleanor Roosevelt. When Eleanor Roosevelt was born, people noticed that she was a very unattractive child. In fact, her parents called her the ‘’ugly duckling.’’ However, Eleanor Roosevelt turned her unhappiness and pain into strength. She married her cousin and she became one of the first ladies. Eleanor Roosevelt probably didn’t expect she would become a wife of a President. She used the power she had as first lady to comfort and give support to the Army and homeless

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