Bethany Hamilton In The Necklace

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Whether dreams have a positive or negative effect on people, some pursue the dream until it has been achieved or has faded away. All dreams have the ability to affect people and those around them. In the novel Of Mice and Men two men are journeying to their new job on a ranch. When they get to the ranch, they meet many people and learn some of their dreams. The two men, George and Lennie, also have a dream to have their own ranch so that they do not have to worry about working. They learn that the obstacles that come about can affect the person’s dreams in either a positive or negative way. In the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant a woman named Madame Loisel repeatedly dreams about a life of luxury. Even though she is not a poor…show more content…
Despite her loss of an arm, she still continued to pursue her dream of becoming a professional surfer (“Bethany”). Bethany Hamilton did not see her loss of an arm as a disability or a burden, instead she thought of herself as unique from everyone else. This shows that Hamilton’s dream positively affected her because she truly wanted to become a professional, so she worked her hardest to make that dream a reality. She did not let other people’s opinions to deteriorate her; instead she thought positively and kept her mind towards becoming a professional surfer. Not only did she get past her disability, but she “strives to remain a symbol of hope and inspiration by touching lives through her platform of faith and sport” (Viti). Hamilton used her handicap as an advantage to support and inspire people going through difficult times. Her dream caused her to push herself even when she felt like giving up, so she wanted to share her experience with others having difficult times. Her dream positively affected herself because she continued to persevere towards her goal of becoming a professional surfer, even when people thought it would never be
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