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Life Changing Halloween On Halloween, 2003, Bethany Hamilton’s life was changed forever. In the book Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton it explains about her life before, after, and during the shark attack. She grows in faith throughout her suffering and struggles. Bethany keeps going and does not limit herself even though she only has one arm. Bethany is inspiring when she keep surfing even with one arm, she is brave, and she shares the God’s word any chance she gets. Bethany is inspiring to people everywhere, she still does what she is passionate about, surfing, even with one arm. Bethany was out lying on her board in the water with a couple of her friends waiting for some good waves to come through when she saw a grey flash in the water under her. She felt lightning fast tugs on her arm and then her arm was gone along with a chunk of her surfboard. At the hospital Bethany gave up surfing and said to her dad, “I want to be the best surf photographer in the world,(Hamilton 105)” but she was not herself then. Once out of the hospital she scraped that idea, and decided she was going to surf. She relearned how to surf and competed in competitions too. She has found the good in her situation and help …show more content…

Bethany Hamilton was cool, calm, collected, and brave when the shark bit her and in the hospital. The doctor called her “cool as a cucumber” when she entered the hospital (Hamilton 96). She had a good feeling that she was going to be okay, and that she was not going to die. The doctors had faith in her too. Bethany was very brave going out into the water again after the shark attack when she learned how to surf again with one arm. It took a lot of time to learn how to surf again but Bethany persevered and made it through trying and failing over and over again. Bethany Hamilton also showed bravery when she shared God's word whenever,

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