Bethany Hamilton's Love For Surfing

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Bethany Hamilton, an inspirational girl who has been earing trophy from surfing since she was 8, lost her left arm to a tiger shark attack. Although her life changed forever at that moment, she did not let that get in the path of her dreams and love for surfing. Bethany Hamilton is a professional American surfer. She overcame this horrid obstacle quickly for her young age. She jumped back on the board and began to compete in surfing competitions again after the attack; she did not let a shark bite take away her hope. Bethany was out surfing with a group of friends on October 31, 2003 when the accident happened. She was only 13 years old when the shark attacked her. Bethany had her left arm dangling in the water just moments before it happened,…show more content…
Bethany states, “God gave us strength and unity to push through all the stuff that we never knew would happen (Quote Authors)” Bethany does not think she would’ve made it without faith and god by her side. She tried snowboarding for a little while before she recovered, but her heart was set on surfing. Bethany began surfing again as little three weeks after the attack and resumed being a professional surfer; she did not let that get in the way of her surfing. She competed for the first time again in early 2004. In 2006, she finished fifth place at the World Games and fourth in the Women’s Pipeline Championships the year after, in…show more content…
Bethany wrote, Soul Surfer: A true story of faith, family, and fighting to get back on the board in October 2004. In 2011, Soul Surfer came out due to Bethany’s inspiring experience and story; Annasophia Robb played as Bethany. She produced two fragrances, wired and stoked, in April 2005. Wired is the cologne for men and stoked is the perfume for women (Biography in Context). At 23 years old, she married Adam Dirks, a Christian youth minister, in 2013. Bethany has managed to keep herself involved with the media, such as competing with her husband in The Amazing Race and publishing yet another book, Body and Soul: A girl’s guide to fit, fun, and fabulous life. She also featured in the movie Dolphin Tale

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