Bethany Miller Analysis

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Prologue: How does one be perfect? I asked myself. Well, I don’t think anyone can be perfect, at least not completely. There is always room for improvement. But one can try to be perfect. This is how the story of Bethany Miller becomes perfect. This is the story of a girl who becomes an image of almost complete self perfection. She starts out with no character or shape of personality. Most people are like that, Fake and undeveloped. They don’t care for others, only themselves. They follow the leads of society. Influenced to do what they know is wrong. This story compares two girls and how they grow up. How a she realized the power of influence, and saves herself from it. So it begins...

Bethany was born December 23, 1847. Fourteen years before
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She had hair as black as coal, and dazzling blue eyes. She was always good to Bethany, and loved her more than anyone in the world.

John Miller, Jane Miller’s spouse, was a banker. He was constantly on the look out for business opportunities and ways to make more money. He tried hard to make time for his family but was often away on business trips. He was a good father for Bethany, but sometimes she didn’t see it that way. Mostly because he was very strict at times.

Now Bethany was not the only child in her family. She had a sister Elysia and brother William. Elysia was 18, she was kind, much like her Mother. She was Bethany’s best friend in the world. Elysia had dark hair and green eyes. Bethany’s brother William was 17, five years older than Bethany. He was a sweet young man and was always helping the family in every way he
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Now her room was her favorite place in the house. Everything in it was very special to her.
Like the quilt that her mother had made for her, or the shells that she had collected during a visit to the coast.

One of her favorite things in her room was her mirror, that her neighbor had given to her when they had first moved out. She loved it very much, and she often spent hours just gazing at her reflection in it.

She had even made up a friend in the mirror once. Her friend was an image of herself, but was even more beautiful than Bethany. She was so beautiful, she was perfect.

Bethany knew that know one can be completely perfect, but her imaginary image of herself was.

However, a day would come, when her image of perfection would no longer be just the reflection in a mirror, but it would turn out to be Bethany herself.

Though she was a simple child, and wasn’t a very talented girl at the time, she was very happy with who she was and what she had in life. But that would all be changing soon. In fact, everything would be changing. But it all start one day at
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