Bethany Wiggins's Sten: Character Analysis

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The world is in trouble and you need to prepare for survival, but what are you up against? The most common answers to this question are things like zombies, the end of the world, or normal human beings who have gone psychotic due to scientific mayhem. What if, though, it was instead something as simple as the extinction of bees? You would think that wouldn't do much harm, because, in reality, who needs honey? "Cure" (sequel to "Stung") by Bethany Wiggins displays the effects on our society when something that seems minor becomes a big problem. This novel proves that our environment plays a big role in our lives, but, unfortunately, we don't notice it much. The story sets in the future Colorado where it's deserted, full of debris, and roamed around by either murderous beasts or wild, merciless gangs called raiders. The main characters stay hidden through all of this in Kevin's…show more content…
Jacque is a teenage girl, which is not in her favor because women are endangered at this time period. Therefore, she has to act like a 12 years old boy to survive. "Jack", her undercover name, is very smart and brave, but she is a bit selfish. All she wants is to be a girl again and find love. However, these past 2 years she has been trained to be a boy until she meets Kevin. Kevin Emerson is a siren, people who try to rescue people from the raiders and lead them to the promised land. His goal is to find the cure for the beast virus to cure his sister, who's a beast. Kevin helps Jacque's brother, Dean, with an inside job to take one of the raiders tribes down. During his time of being Dean's messenger to his family, he slowly fell in love with Jacque. He tries to protect and care for her. Fiona Tarsis is a former classmate of Jacque. She has the mark of the beast virus, but it didn't affect her because she was in a coma. Since her condition was stable, her DNA was the cure for the beast

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