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After listening to the newly released mix tape “Potential/Summer 16” which features 13 tracks including features from other members of Bethel Boyz, I headed over to Bethel Avenue in Long Branch, New Jersey. As I walked into the house, overwhelmed by the smell of old Key Stone, I was greeted by the Bethel Boyz. Singing and rapping at the kitchen table, wearing a “Suh Dude” snapback, Paul resists the mainstream categorization that other rappers chase after, mainly because he’s a completely new breed of Jersey oddball, something the rap game has never experienced. Far removed from the conventional visuals of big time rappers, Paul exists completely in a category of his own making. Paul Tyler Matt When did you get into music and why? • When I was…show more content…
The young, ambitious, rapper whose main priority is to get a degree in Communications from Monmouth University, rushes out the door to make it to school. By 3:00pm, I’m at the kitchen table deep in conversation with Paul’s right hand man, Tyler Christian Hackes. The member of Bethel Boyz is 19 years young and originally from Wayne, New Jersey. Tyler Christian Hackes When did you get into music? • Ever since I got an iPod at a really young age, I’ve been so interested in music and I thought it would be cool to create my own. I was originally a finance major but I changed to music industry. I figured I’m on this Earth once, I rather do what I’m passionate about than get an education in a major I don’t give a sh*t about. Who is your inspiration? • Joe Lozito. He was the first person I saw free-styling, and I thought “wow that’s dope.” I definitely knew I had the creative ability to do something similar and he influenced me to follow the same path, musically. What’s your process? • I write all my own music. I don’t think I’d be able to rap someone else’s sh*t and say it’s mine, it’s just weird. Is there a tone to your…show more content…
I feel like that’s very different from today’s mainstream rapping. What are your plans for the future? • I want to make sure I get my sh*t down pat, especially with my publicity and social media. I’m really focused on finding my image and my tone within Bethel Boyz. As an advent rap listener, where the embellishment of struggle rap is real and the wealth and the lifestyle that comes with it is flaunted in such a way that the taste of music often takes a backseat, it’s refreshing to see young, fresh, faces who are dedicated to making music that simply explains what is real to them. Nothing is exaggerated and nothing is fake, and that’s what really keeps their listeners

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