Betrayal And Anger In The Wife's Lament '

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The themes of the story are both the same being betrayal and anger. They are however expressed in a different way. Unferth and Beowulf show anger toward each other in different ways for example unferth is shown as someone who is jealous of beowulf and will use any flaws that he sees in him to make him look bad. “unlocked his thoughts with these unfriendly words for the journey of beowulf” The author has a style where it keeps you up to see whats next and what would be beowulf’s response to what unferth said to him. In the story The Wife’s Lament it is too showing betrayal and anger too but not quite the same way unferth and beowulf did it’s with the wfe and the husband being together till death due them part but the husband disappears to
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