Betrayal And Death In Katherine Anne Porter's Short Story

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Katherine Anne Porter was born on May 15, 1890 and died September 18, 1980. Porter was known to be an amazing writer and author in the mid to late 1900s. Known for her smart and clever insight, many of her short stories deal with dark themes such as betrayal, and death. Born and raised in Indian Creek, Texas, she had a short marriage to her first husband, John, and left him to pursue an acting career. “First she moved to Chicago, where she was a journalist and movie extra; then Denver, Colorado, where she worked as a drama critic for the Rocky Mountain News; and then New York City” (LitFinder par. 2). From there on she excelled as a short story writer and won a Pulitzer Prize for her work known as “The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter”. Most of Katherine Anne Porter’s short stories are an auto-biographical experience, one of these short stories is called “The Grave”. Porter found a way to channel her experiences as a young lady in the character. This is only one of the few short stories Porter wrote with Miranda in it, but Miranda is a young woman who is struggling to find herself. Miranda transforms over the course of the short story through her…show more content…
Readers are able to see that Miranda was never truly happen in the lifestyle she experienced with her grandfather and brother. Miranda gained a lot from the experience hunting. Had it not been for Paul handing Miranda the golden ring, Miranda would have never gained a sense of acceptance and strength in herself as a woman. The ring, although materialistic, opened Miranda’s eyes to what really brings her joy and what she likes. Through Miranda’s curiosity to explore hunting, her conflicts with her interests and clothing, sensitivity to the exposure of womanhood, and coming to terms with accepting change, Miranda blossom and begins her transformation to a more mature and happy young

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