Betrayal And Deception In The Philippines

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The Spaniards were the first people who colonized the Philippines. Our countrymen were unable to defeat the Spaniards, causing them to stay in power for more than 300 years. Peace and freedom were taken away from the Filipino natives and was replaced with torture and pain.
In the year 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo and his forces thought they had regained the Filipino freedom after meeting with the American officers who were in Hong Kong. They were given hope, but it only led them into deception and heartbreak.
This term paper will show you the betrayal and deception by two powerful countries—Spain and America—who collaborated to colonize our country with a “battle” and a treaty.

The Mock Battle of Manila was the act both Spain and America agreed to do without the Filipino’s awareness of this arrangement. The history started off with Aguinaldo and his forces being exiled to Hong Kong as to the agreement in the Biak-na-Bato treaty along with the other requirements made by the Spaniards.

Aguinaldo had a deal with the Americans to help take back their freedom; his trust for the Americans was too strong that it blurred the actual intention the Americans wanted to accomplish—colonize the Philippines, but America had an agreement called the Benevolent Assimilation which means they cannot immediately attack whenever they want, there should be a valid reason; but this did not stop them from preparing for their future attack. Weapons and other arms were sent to Hong Kong for America to
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