Betrayal And Morality In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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In Shakespeare's writing, Hamlet, he conveys underlying meanings, morals, and lessons through his storyline. He exemplifies the betrayal and changes that his characters experience. Shakespeare gives prime scenarios of this betrayal and personality changes. The themes of Hamlet give insight into the world Shakespeare lived in and the things he may have experienced. Hamlet displays the themes of betrayal, morality, and the value of sanity.
“Companions” can betray someone in times of need. Hamlet felt this firsthand. His so called “friends”, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, betray him in their mission to spy on him when he is in a vulnerable state and needs comfort. They lie to him on multiple occasions. “My lord we were sent for” (II.II.297). Yes,
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They go from sane to insane. Hamlet says “How strange or odd some’er I bear myself…” (I.V.175). He is saying that he is altering his composition in order to execute a plan. He is going to become a mad man. The queen notices this of her son, “Alas, he’s mad” (III.IV.109). Hamlet has done a good job of throwing people off and making them believe in his disposition. Another that experiences this alter is Ophelia. She is distraught by the betrayal of the man she loved and that the same man stabbed her father. In one of her “episodes” she hands out flowers to ones in the court and says “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies…” (IV.V.182). She has become a lunatic handing out sticks as if they are flowers and solely believes what she is doing is normal. Today people face life changing events that alter their attitude. It may also change their communication with others and/or the way they carry themselves. Whatever the case may be, it still changes who they are. It changes their person and how they react to others. It can also differ their relationships with others. Some may experience such changing things in their lives that through them off and mess with them mentally or physically.
Shakespeare has shown and given examples of these three themes in his play. Those of betrayal, morality, and personality change. Hamlet, is the prime example of betrayal between friends and family and the effects of it. Also, of how events in people’s lives can change who they are and how they act in society. Through this play, Shakespeare illustrated the lives and issues similar of those in his day that are relatable to modern day. Although the same events may not happen in today’s world, the same effects that are caused by it,
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