Betrayal In John Steinbeck's The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner is a story that depicts the unique friendship between Amir and Hassan while they are currently living during a turbulent time in Afghanistan's history. Amir is the son of a wealthy Pashtun man while Hassan is his servant. The novel shows their odd friendship go through betrayal, lies, regret, and forgiveness. The Kite Runner also exhibits the struggles between father and son relationships. This thrilling novel shows the journey amid family and friends during a rough time in the history of Afghanistan. Image result for kite runner Character Analysis - In The Kite Runner, the protagonist and the narrator is Amir. During his flashback, he was in his teenage years but during the present time of the book he was in his…show more content…
The main event that betrayal is shown is when Amir did not speak up while Hassan was abused. Hassan has stood up for Amir in every circumstance. That is utter betrayal to do that to someone you consider your brother. To even worsen the situation, Amir said that Hassan stole his watch which led to Ali and Hassan moving away. Another instance betrayal is shown is how Baba is Hassan's father which means that he betrayed his best friend Ali. Another large theme is working for forgiveness. Amir tries to gain redemption for not saving Hassan from rape was saving and adopting Sohrab. Baba's redemption for betraying Ali was creating an orphanage, doing other charitable activities, and giving many gifts to Hassan each birthday. An obvious symbol for The Kite Runner is kites. Kites symbolize Amir's allowance of Hassan's rape. The kite symbolizes his disloyalty towards his faithful best friend. Hassan refuses to fly a kite until the end of the book. He flies a kite with Sohrab because adopting Sohrab was redemption for Amir's betrayal to Hassan. A motif in novel is a lamb. Lamb was brought up multiple times when discussing about sacrifice. The innocent lamb represents innocent Hassan because in a way he sacrifices himself to make Amir impressed by winning the blue kite. There is major historical significance in the novel due to the Soviets invading Afghanistan and the Taliban taking over the country. When the Soviets invaded, Baba and Amir had to flee to Pakistan because the situation back home was rough. When the Taliban took over, they killed Farzana And Hassan. That led to Sohrab being orphaned and physically abused by the Taliban. The authors craft was moderately casual. The words that were different were the words in Pashto (the Afghani language), but the definitions were in the back of the
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