Betrayal In Julius Ceasar

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The people you would take a bullet for are usually the ones behind the trigger. Like for example in the play, Julius Caser by William Shakespeare, shows an example of betrayal. On how Brutus betrays Caesar by murdering him. "Et tu Brutus" was the last word Caser said when Brutus stab him as he falls and so what is Caesar saying? “Et tu, Brute?” meaning even you Brutus as Caesar falls to death as he was murder by Brutus and senators on the idles of March. The reaction that comes to Caesar that surprised him was one of his good friends, Brutus, he thought he trusted was the one who betrayed him. In act three, scene one as Caesar falls to his death after Casca stabs him first as other followed along with Brutus onto the stabbing. This is leading to Caesar finding out he was betrayed by Brutus. "For Brutus, as you know was Caesar's angel. Judge, O you gods, how dearly Caesar loved him! This was the most unkindest cut of…show more content…
There are no tricks in plain and simple faith." In this scene you see more of Brutus’s true colors as you see who he seems to be like people now days. So it shows about friendships fading into betrayal as it is that you cannot trust anymore. So people like Brutus for example are the ones that cannot be trusted. What a tragedy based on how things have changed because on the path they made to be this way. Therefore so be careful who you take the bullet for because that person might not take a bullet for you so be careful who’s behind the trigger. So on the idles of March, Caesar dies of betrayal because of a friend he thought was his friend. Based on others reaction, they may be right of those who know are just the unkindest cut of all based on someone’s action. Friendships becomes to decay when find the betrayer’s true colors of who they really are. Betrayal is just the worst feeling ever especially when it’s from a
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