Betrayal In Julius Ceesar In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Betrayal. I never experienced such disrespect until now. The people of Rome should feel the same about what they did to Julius Caesar; they should be disgusted and mad at Brutus, and the people who helped him. Caesar would have been a great king by now if they didn’t revolt against him, blame Brutus! I as a follower of Caesar, maddened because of the followers of Brutus. The reasons that make Brutus dishonorable are because of three of his characteristics: Being gullible, judgemental, and cunning. I guarantee you Roman people that Brutus shouldn’t be followed and be respected by all of you just by these reasons. First of all, the fact that makes Brutus a dishonorable and not well fitted to be a “king” is that he’s too gullible. When Cassius and Brutus were talking, Cassius tells Brutus, “I had as lief… as he” (35). Here Cassius is trying to show Brutus that Caesar is just like him and Caesar shouldn’t be king. Brutus thinks about this and they fear about Caesar being king. Just by the words of Cassius, Brutus can be manipulated so easily, making him pretty gullible. Another thing Cassius told Brutus says, “The torrent soar’d… I sink!” (36). Here Cassius explains how Caesar is just a normal person like Brutus. He tells a story about Caesar when they were a having a competition to cross the river first, where Caesar was taken by the strong river in the verge of drowning when Cassius had to save him from drowning. Cassius here tries to convince Brutus that he can rise in power
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