Betrayal In Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner

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Even from the earliest beginnings, each individual must face a revolving door of faithful friends and treacherous enemies. However, difficulty arises in the feat of determining friend or foe. Though, as The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini illustrates, often times each nature combines in the form of one individual. For Amir, he must accept a sense of unearned loyalty. However, as a vigorous pattern of betrayal, as once portrayed by his father, plagues his livelihood, he must come face to face with his consequences. Only through forgiveness, will each of the men be able to redeem the title of friend amongst the chaos of foe. From the opening moments of his troubled life, Amir finds himself tainted with the repetition of a betrayer. Due to an labor and delivery gone wrong, Amir must live with the death of his mother racking his mind. Though Amir was never at fault for the passing of his late mother, the incident carved what became a fight for a father’s love. Despite betrayal’s tarnish on his youth, he…show more content…
Once secrets illustrated the truth of a pregnancy via an affair, Amir finds himself battling the new found betrayal his father proclaimed upon him. However, with Baba’s life diminishing into a fragment of the past, Amir must accept charitable giving and strong principles as a take on redemption. With death plaguing the eyes of the former Afghan, time presents the opportunity for redemption in the living. Once his nephew, Sohrab, arrived to a land that would provide the prosperity once denied to Hassan, Amir finally felt redeemed. Driving much of the plot, the theme of betrayal carves the journey of self-relization. From the Afghan crumbling streets to the one’s of California, a boy travels through the feat of friend versus foe. Though Amir’s family has passed into the life of the dead, Amir finally earned his title. However, this time around, he responded to
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