Betrayal In Macbeth And The Kitchen God's Wife

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Betrayal is a common theme in many stories, novels, and plays. One always has a motive behind betrayal, which results in severe consequences. In the play, Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth betrays one person after another for his benefit. Similarly in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Luke the antagonist, betrays the protagonist in many ways for his own advantage. Amy Tan’s novel, The Kitchen God’s Wife, consists of a character named Winnie who experiences betrayal through her own loved ones. These literature pieces have one thing in common: betrayal. Human emotions and desires such as greed, revenge, and fear lead one towards deterioration, death and distances.
In Macbeth, Macbeth allows his greed to control his mind and actions,
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Luke’s betrayal begins in the first book in which he steals the gods’ ultimate weapons, framing his friend Percy in the process. Before Percy begins his quest, Luke gives him cursed shoes “the flying shoes were cursed...They were supposed to drag me and the backpack into Tartarus” (Riordan, 170). Luke’s plans were to kill Percy, and it did not strike him once as a wrongdoing or sin. Moreover, Percy does not realize Luke’s true intentions until Luke states them himself. The reason behind Luke’s actions was the resentment he felt towards the gods. Luke’s father, a god, left him when he was young after Luke failed a quest. At the end of the Lightning Thief, Luke states before attempting to kill Percy “Kronos will rise. You’ve only delayed his plans. He will cast the Olympians into Tartarus and drive humanity back to their caves. All except the strongest-the ones who serve him.” (Riordan, 170). Luke reveals that framing Percy would turn the gods against each other for Percy was the son of the “three big” gods causing a war among the gods. One realizes how blinded Luke becomes by revenge after he reveals that murdering many is not a difficulty for him. Ironically, His own actions lead him to his end because Kronos the titan eventually possesses his body. In the last book, “The Last Olympian” Luke’s tries to get rid of Kronos and his actions show how much he regrets…show more content…
Macbeth’s greed allows him to murder and throw his strict morals away as if they never existed. It eventually led him to his own character of deterioration. Luke is blinded by revenge, so he betrays Percy also causing a great war that concludes in his own slaughter. Hulan, who fears Winnie’s husband, never trusts her friend and betrays her many times out of fear causing their relationship to grow further apart. Each author’s piece includes a character who gains motivation from their strong desires that led the characters to a perturb ending. Each character allowed their desires to suppress their minds, not considering the
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