Betrayal In Romeo And Juliet

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The Medea by Euripides and Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare mark as significant works of the ancient society the two play features aspects that are crucial to the modern society if properly analyzed. In a number of ways each of the authors to the play has illustrated the theme of betrayal each of the main characters and the events that they encounter in their life puts them in a position to betray or be betrayed by others. Elements of betrayal in Medea occur mainly to Jason and Medea based on their relationship as husband and wife. On the other hand, the aspects of betrayal evident in the case of Juliet and Romeo are due to the fact that they are lovers. One of the major similarities between the two plays is that love I the root cause of the theme of betrayal. Also, the events of betrayal as they face the main characters in the…show more content…
In Medea, Jason betrays his children by marrying another wife. The act is driven more by his interests rather than the concern of his family. The act leads to Medea and her children being banished from Colchis by King Creon father to Glauce. It means that Jason’s children would suffer due to this decision since their mother could not go back to her homeland and their father would not help them. The act troubles Medea in a way that she contemplates killing her children as a way of punishing her husband but the children suffers the direct consequences of her actions (Euripides 818). She sends her children to deliver a gift to Glauce knowing that she had poisoned the gift and this would cause the death of her children. Hence, it is appropriate to state that Jason and Medea betray their children in a number of ways. On the other hand, Juliet is betrayed by her parents evident in Act 3 scene 5 of the play. In the morning just minutes after Romeo left Juliet room, her mother storms in announcing that Juliet would marry Paris in three days
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