Betrayal In The Kite Runner

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Bhuyan, 1

“Friendship the biggest betrayal”

Friendship is the deep bond between two people in a relationship but sometimes

certain faults can result in its betrayal. It is upon those people in the relationship to

decide whether they want to deepen the fault or bridge the gap with love. This holds

true in every friendship whether it's between two friends or family members. In every

relationship there will one who will test the togetherness which may lead to betrayal

but for a relationship to be strong the second one has to find ways to bridge that gap

with love and gratitude. Time also plays a very significant role as the wounds that are

caused by betrayal can lead to its healing or can even deepen it. Guilt spreads if is

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The story revolves around two friends Amir and Hassan, both of whom belong to

very diverse social backgrounds. Amir is the son of a rich man whereas Hassan is
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Betrayal in a relationship can happen due to many reasons .If one person in a

relationship is always unhappy with the other and then he will find ways to get rid of

the long term relationship. “If one is unfaithful in maintaining, or fulfilling ones

obligations in a relationship it can lead to betrayal of trust”. Thus “To disappoint the

hopes or expectation of a friend and being disloyal amounts to betrayal”. In the kite

runner it is quite evidently that Amir is the one who always tried to betray their

friendship and test Hassan friendship by trying to find new ways of betraying.

Amir always played it selfishly whereas Hassan every time did things for his best

friend like even saving his friend from doing his daily chores. Hassan and Amir were

true friends but Amir did very little for Hassan whereas Hassan fulfilled all the

responsibilities even if there was no response from Amir's side. Thus “failing to meet

the expectations of a relationship for one’s own personal gain” is best seen in their

relationship. It is quite profoundly seen during the kite tournament wherein Hassan

was raped brutally by 3 boys when he refused to part away the kite for Amir.
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