Betrayal In The Odyssey And The Song Of Roland

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The moral and practical implication of loyalty and betrayal in The Odyssey and The Song of Roland Loyalty and betrayal are two virtues that exist on different sides when it comes to trust. The song of Roland dicuss the Battle of Roncevaux Pass. It also has some courageous features of the Odyssey. The Song of Roland doesn’t reveal the convention for ancient Greeks. The Song of Roland advocates for Christianity which they controlled the property between France and Spain. The social functions was to improve and prepare support for the Crusades. Most of the early works or poetry and literature depicted these two virtues rather vividly. What we see in these works of literature is loyalty that runs in the family but is broken by one of its members because of either greed or jealousy. Such virtues as loyalty or betrayal were reflected by authors in their literature works mostly because of what they had seen …show more content…

Odysseus has perished far from his country in some outlandish region. But these men will plot evils against you ….It is not right for you to wander and suffer hardships on the barren wide sea.’ ” Penelope has been faithful to Odysseus for over 20 years. This shows loyalty as she waits for him to return. Since she is Odysseus’s wife, she endures the 20 years while persevering the aggressiveness of the suitor who want her hand in marriage. The suitors are aggressive because they think that Odysseus will not return home because he is either lost or dead and also giving the fact that he is king therefore they want to overthrow him (Mucci, T., Caldwell, B., & H., 2009). Penelope dodges them by playing them against each other just to avoid them. She says, “I have taken to my bed, my throbbing heart, about to break, anxieties swarming, piercing… I might go mad with

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