Betrayal Of Soldiers Analysis

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The Portrayal Of Soldiers Spencers Formal Writing. I have chosen to explore the theme The Portrayal Of Soldiers, this theme is evident in the films and songs Hero of war by Rise Against, 21 Guns by Billie Joe Armstrong, Rambo: first blood by David Morrell and American Sniper by Scott McEwen, I believe that all the soldiers in these text all suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD. At the beginning of the film Rambo first blood, Rambo who is an average American finds himself trying to meet up with an ex-marine who he fought with in Vietnam, Rambo traveled across the country in search of his friend, he eventually finds himself talking to the friends sister, there she tells him “He’s dead, Rambo, he died last summer” and that’s where realizes he’s the last soldier of his squad, he has no idea what to do with himself so he walks and walks until he finds himself in a small town, and that’s where the trouble starts, Will Teasle the sheriff encounters him and asks “where you going?” Rambo replays “Just to get some food, Sheriff” Will says ”common, I'll give you a ride, there is a hotel with a…show more content…
The way the soldier/s were portrayed was them suffering with PTSD but no one helping them, my evidence to this statement is when he picks up the remote and a bullet comes out of it, this goes to show if you go into the war you most likely will suffer with PTSD and could even commit suicide. In the song Hero Of War the theme The Portrayal Of Soldiers has been identified by Rise Against, in this song the father says “Son, have you seen the world” to me I feel as if the father is not telling the son everything e.g you could come back suffering with PTSD, you could lose friends you make in the core or you could even die, he also said in the song “they took off his clothes and pissed on his hands. Not everything seems good, maybe on the outside but not on the
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