Betsy Ross: A Brief Biography

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Betsy Ross 's birth name was Elizabeth Griscom. She was born on January 1, 1752, in a colonial city of Philadelphia. Her parents were Rebecca James Griscom and Samuel Griscom, they were both Quakers. Out of seventeen children, she was the eighth. Betsy, as a young girl, attended to a Quaker school. She learned how to sew mattresses, chair covers, and window blinds by going to William Webster 's workshop. Then in 1773, she went across the river to go to New Jersey, and elope with John Ross. The Rosses opened up a Upholstery shop, after that, John went to go join the militia, but died after two years of marriage. In the summer of 1776 or 1777, Betsy Ross received a visit from George Washington. He came to her to ask for a flag
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