Betsy Ross And The Civil War

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Did you know that the American flag represents our country? Betsy Ross was the proud woman who made the first American flag. Betsy had a positive roll on the revolution. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the Revolution and Betsy Ross’s adventure before, during, and her impact on it. Betsy was an intelligent young lady who had very great sewing skills. Betsy Ross was born on January first, 1745 in philadelphia pennsylvania. She had three husbands, Betsy had to remarry two times. According to Betsy Ross wikipedia “Betsy learned how to sew from her great aunt and grandpa, Sarah Elizabeth Ann Grisom and Andrew Grisom. Betsy’s intelligents and great sewing skills would later impact the Revolutionary war. Betsy Ross is mostly remembered for her sewing the flag. In late June 1776 brave Betsy was a widow struggling on her own upholstering her business. In Betsy’s business she would make munitions and guard suits. Betsy Ross and the American flag states that “when the revolutionary war started it had an immediate impact on her business. Betsy sewing had a lot to do with the war!…show more content…
She did a lot of sewing during the revolutionary war to make gaurd outfits for the british. According to A brief biography of Betsy ross “in May 1776 the continental congress members, George W, Robert Moris, and George Ross asked Betsy if she could sew the first flag.” On that fateful day, Betsy Ross sew every inch of the American flag.” Now we all remember that Betsy Ross’s widely credited for making the
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