Betsy Ross Research Paper

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Elizabeth Griscom, familiarly known as Betsy Ross, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 1st, 1752. She attended a Quaker public school. After finishing school, Betsy apprenticed to a local upholsterer, William Webster. In colonial times, upholsterers did all types of sewing such as learning to make and repair curtains, bedcovers, tablecloths, and rugs. Betsy fell in love with a fellow apprentice named John Ross. Unfortunately, he was a Christian, and Quakers frowned upon inter-denominational marriages. In November of 1773, Betsy and John got married at a tavern in New Jersey. This marriage caused Betsy to be disowned by the Quaker community. Together they started their own upholstery business. Despite lack of credible evidence,
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