Bette Brooks Argument

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Bianca Brooks builds her argument through facts, personal experience, and evidence; giving a nod to the counterargument; and tying her points together with sophisticated language and questions for the reader to ask him/herself. Brooks opens her argument with a brief narrative, describing her excitement to read from certain authors that year. Her carefully placed self-description using pathos pulls the attention of book lovers closer as she relates her interests to theirs. With the hook thrown for the people she needs support from, Brooks continues to form her point with references to well known books such as Genesis and Pride and Prejudice. Many readers of this essay wouldn’t be hard-pressed to know the basic ideas of those books, allowing Brooks to tie in a literary example to her preset logic.…show more content…
She inserts pathos once again to elicit feelings of sympathy towards the relationship between herself and the characters in the books she read, be it as slaves, housewives, or simply not present in the first place. Seeing as her argument thus far evokes a considerable feeling of empathy for her side of the story, with all of its facts and references, it is a minor letdown that Brooks can hardly be bothered to put in a citation of her information on Columbia’s newest reading requirement. While it is a relief that her argument is not being ignored, she could have proven her point more by describing the significance of Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon. A brief search for the book reveals it to be about a man journeying to connect with his past and his self-importance. Had Brooks included this one extra sentence, she could have shown the significance of diverse authors and stories in her curriculum, but instead left it ambiguous and seemingly
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