Bettendorf Research Paper

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“It is only a game” is a common saying I have heard several times in my life. However, it does not explain the crazy actions and immense passion I experience on the PIT floor for basketball games. These feelings reached a pinnacle point during my freshman year basketball game against our arch-rivals, the Bettendorf Bulldogs. “If we can keep Bear from posting up and scoring, we should be win the game,” my friend Bryce analyzed. I responded, “We will need to shoot the three ball to have a chance, Bettendorf is a really good team”. Conversations about the Bettendorf vs North Scott basketball game, like the one Bryce and I had, were debated, discussed and argued ever since the high school basketball season had started. The vaunted Bettendorf…show more content…
The doors opened and floods upon floods of people sprinted into the PIT like their lives depended on it. A huge surge of red, the theme for the game, flooded into the PIT like a glass of spilled wine. Entire sections of seats were taken in seconds, until not a single bench remained visible. The top row, standing room only, filled with people packed closer than elevator shafts, extended 8 or 9 people back. “Oh my goodness,” Bryce stuttered out, as his jaw fell almost the ground. “This has got to be a freshman game attendance record,” my teammates said. Our coach was even astonished, “I have never seen this building so packed.” I immediately stopped the drill I was doing and just watched. My eyes lit up wider than a kid in a candy shop who just received his allowance. Then the noise began to rattle the PIT into an environment of bedlam. I could no longer hear Bryce, who remained right next to me. The crowd brought life, a new feeling of excitement and anticipation, never before seen or experienced at the freshman basketball level. Our coach called us into the locker room, but I could not hear him, for the crowd was too loud and excited for me to focus on anything but them. As a result, I just stood and stared, amazed like a kid at Christmas or family seeing a skyscraper in a big city for the first
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