Bettina's Response To Love In Shakespeare

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Longing feels more pleasing to Malte even when he thinks of Abelone. When she does not talk to him, he does not feel sad but enjoys the longing. He knows that they would reconcile. It became more pleasing while they longed for each other. Pleasure is in the longing, in the distance. It is not in being together, in the destination. Love is both fascinating and strange. One feels complete and alone at the same moment. One rediscovers everything in life as new, sees the world in a different way. In his life, Abelone was someone who opened those doors for him that he did not know about before. He was able to see everything as different. He was able to perceive things closely. When she read him a letter written by Bettina to Goethe, it seemed like…show more content…
For him, Bettina was like a child. Though he was known for writing great works on the subject of love, he did not appreciate her sentiments. While her letters were passionate and full of love, his replies to her were restrained. His response to her was too cold. As we have discussed before, love does not need anything other than itself to complete it. It is complete in itself. In that sense, Bettina’s love was complete in itself. It did not need anything from the outside. She did not hope for her love to be returned. ‘To love’ was the sole reason to live. One does not need the other’s attention to experience it, though one does fall in love with someone. It is a solitary experience of the one in love, for whom longing becomes more significant than achieving the love of the other. It is a journey, the destination of which is unknown. Being in love is, therefore, greater than being loved because there is no pleasure in having known everything. There has to be something worth striving for. Bettina’s love for Goethe was greater than him but he turned his back. Malte writes that he should have surrendered himself to her. She would have then opened heavens to him, as Abelone did for Malte. However, Goethe lost the greatness he had acquired when he ignored and discarded her pure, sacred
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