Betty Ann Outcome Of Envy

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The Outcome of Envy Bullying is one of our country 's most negative aspects; tearing down our students bit by bit, breaking down their self-esteem and tearing down their conscious. Mostly the outcome of envy. Betty Ann was a victim of cruel bullying, when she moved from her home in Cleveland, Ohio to the insecure town of Richmond, Virginia. She was divergent toward the other girls in the school, leaving behind unicorns and rainbows for the reality of humanity. She was smart and unique, and every girl was jealous of her and her capabilities and strengths. Everything that poor Betty Ann did there was consequences, from what she ate to what she wore to how she dressed. The children plain out tormented the young and determined student. But then…show more content…
Additionally, to prove the theme of that you can never take your mistakes back no matter how hard you try, the story, Betty Ann states, “Once, years later when I was home from college, I saw Betty Ann in the doctor’s office. She didn’t even recognize me. Sticks and stones only break bones. Words can shatter the soul. A little, quiet, picked-on-10-year-old runs away because kids on the bus laugh at him. A sensitive ninth-grader flips out because a group of self-rising girls decide to throw her to the wolves. We tell ourselves it takes more than that to send someone over the edge. Maybe so, maybe not. But there are no erasers.” This shows that power of bullying and what it can do to both, the victim and the bully. It shows the regret that the bully will once have once the deed catches up with their head, and once it does they will feel awfully terrible. In the short story, Betty Ann, we learned that there is not an eraser to every mistake, meaning that you cannot take back the mistakes that you have made in you past. The narrator of the story sure knew that, for the only thing that she wished was to take back bullying poor Betty Ann, but she knew that she could not. The theme of the story, Betty Ann was that you cannot take your mistakes back, and they will stay with you forever. Remember, always think about what you are about to do, and the consequences that come for you and the other person. Always be the person that makes the
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